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JayMikee” (Joshua Mike-Bamiloye) is the director of the Mount Zion Music Studios under the Mount Zion Faith Ministries. He is also a music producer and a drama minister.

“Mo moore” (I am grateful), a song that gives us a change to remember the good things God has done. Our Hearts of gratitude through the sweet voices of the young..

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Eni ba moore Jesu (2ce)
Ko maa jo o, ko korin ayo
Se iwo moore Jesu?
Mo moore Jesu
Maa maa jo o, Maa korin ayo

Eni to ba monuro a mope da
Gbope gbayin wa
Oku to ti ku ko le yin o
A yin o logo

Se o moore Jesu? ani se o moore Jesu?
Bawa jo o, bawa korin ayo.


Verse 1.

Everyday that I look at my past,
I look at my present a d my future
Counting my blessing one by one
we can only say, see what the Lord has done
O seun tuntun laye mi ko dawo duro
Aanu ni mo ri gba o
If not for you where would I be (aha)
You’re mercies that follows me (eheh)
You placed me on my feet (aha)
That is why we want you to
(Gbope, gbayin wa)
People dey ask me say (aha)
Na wetin dey make me smile (eheh)
I come dey tell them say (aha)
Na you o, Na you o



Verse 2.

In the middle of fuel subsidy
Economic melt down and the leaders get greedi-er
In the middle of emptiness, stressfulness
Everywhere is like a big wilderness
(Sugbon) sugbon Jesu koje gbagbe omo re o
(Beniyan) beniyan se po to ensure ranti mi
Ninu e la kolemole (aha)
ninu e la Se gbeyawo (eheh)
Ninu e la se ikomo (aha)
Nitori na fe ki e (gbope gbayin wa)
Oluwa ti pese (aha)
Oti sokunwa derin (eheh)
O je ki a se orire
Iwo ni o, iwo ni o o




Mo yin oluwa, mo in oluwa,
Arugbo ojo, eledumare. (×4)

Ki gbogbo eniyan ninu agbaye,
Ke foribale fun oba awon oba
Ki gbogbo awon omode aragba
Ke foribale fun oba awon oba

Se o Moore (momoore) ×3
Maa korin ayo

Momoore (momoore) ×3
Maa korin ayo

(Modulated chorus)

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