[Story] Common Mistakes Ladies Make in a Relationship…Episode 41 (Final Episode)

Common Mistakes Ladies Make in a Relationship…Episode 41

Common Mistakes Ladies Make in a Relationship (gospelbreed.com)

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11am, Samuel’s family house

“I think coming here is a bad idea, we should go back” i nervously muttered when we got to the gate. Mariam scoffed and shook her head.

“No no no madam, we ain’t going back, we are already here and we have to go ahead with what brought us to this place, moreover it’s hundred percent your idea” she said to me as she firmly held my left hand.
Without another word, we walked into the compound, cautiously with prayers in our lips. We soon got to the entrance door, stopped and stared at each other nervously.

“What are you waiting for? Common knock on the door nau!” she urged as if it was a very simply thing to do. I swallowed hard, shrugged and knocked gently.

Two minutes later the entrance door was flung open by Samuel’s mother, who stared at us with a serious but not mean look, breathed deeply and admitted us into the house politely, even though her smile was heavily cloaked with sharp coldness.

I searched for Samuel with my eyes as we walked into the sitting room, but unfortunately couldn’t locate him, which made me more uncomfortable, while his mum’s pointed gaze unsettled me greatly. I nervously settled on a couch with Mariam dutifully beside me.

“My son told me you wanted to speak with me?” the old woman asked after some minutes had gone by. I breathed deeply, rubbed my knees nervously, nodded and smiled,

“Please where is Benjamin?” i asked calmly,

“I sent him on an errand, i thought you only wanted to speak with me, don’t you?” she asked curiously with a burning gaze,

“Yes ma, his presence is really not needed” i murmured with a coloured face,
“Actually i came to render an apology” i stammered, while she drew forward on her chair, feigning surprise and pretending as if she wasn’t aware of what i came to do. Her action truly unsettled me further, i was so nervous. I was doing something i haven’t seen any girl do and the old woman was making it more difficult for me with her intense behaviour.

I tried to continue with my apology but was unable to, all i was able to do was just to throw a nervous glance at Mariam who gave me an encouraging smile.

I never knew rendering a sincere apology could be so difficult.

Just at that very moment, Samuel walked in with a lady right beside him.

“Hi Mary”,

“Am glad you came as you promised”…he said has he sat on a seprate couch with the lady beside her.

At this point i was getting jealous seeing Samuel with a lady beside him. I garnered some confidence and apologized immediately to her mum.

“Its no problem Mary, have forgiven you long time ago”.

“Hope you will be coming to my sons wedding next-week” she asked?

I was shocked and surprised at the same time!

At that moment Samuel threw a card at me; it confirmed what her mum just said, it was an invitation letter to his wedding with the lady right beside her…. Unfortunately, it was too late for me…I fainted immediately after reading the content of the invitation letter.

-The End-


Mary’s life was instantly thrown into series of Misfortunes the moment she dumped Samuel for Emmanuel who equally happened to be her Ex and first Love. Some called her problems “pay back time” while others nodded with the words “karma at work”. But the end result of everything is what actually matters in life..

I hope you gained one or two things from this story….

Your comments and criticism is highly welcomed!

Thanks for reading through!


Another wonderful and great story with lot of lessons to be learnt…….”Destiny Delayed But Unchanged, i bet you are gonna love it!

Stay Blessed!


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34 thoughts on “[Story] Common Mistakes Ladies Make in a Relationship…Episode 41 (Final Episode)”

  1. Wow dis is really a wonderful story, its a sad end which i wasn’t expecting though but I learnt alot from it n i believe so many ladies out dere dat must have read dis Story did too, d major challenge we ladies have is insecurity, like dis person knows my story, he knows wat I have been tru n wat I have Don so he is definitely going to use it against me someday, but my ex won’t bcos we we’re dere together In d first place n so many Tins like let me settle for d devil I know instead of d angel I don’t know forgetting dat d devil can bring out his demon at anytime. But tank God for dis story some of us got to learn dat ur angel can b out dere jst like Samuel. God bless d writer of dis story, may God continue to use u to bless us all amen.

  2. wow really touching how can she ever imagine that she will lose it all. very bad ending for her. God pls save ladies from lieing lips of men.. amen

  3. God bless the writer,I started since morning and am glad I have finish reading it,I love the way it ended. More grace to the writer

  4. Wow. I can’t believe I did this. This story was pushed to nairaland front page today. I started reading it and wasn’t happy when you asked us to finish it up at bussy Dave.com which isn’t opening anymore. Then I started searching for you all over and even sent you a message on Facebook before I stumbled on this site.
    I like the way the story ended because I had seriously hoped she won’t end up with Samuel. He is too good for her. I hope single ladies can learn from this to always distinguish love from lust. If he treated you like trash the 1st time, he will likely do it again. Men like Samuel exist but are scarce. If you find one, stay glued to him. It is rare to find a man that will fall in love with everything he has, his heart mind, body and name it. If you find a man who loves you much more than you think you love him, hold on to him, you won’t struggle to keep him after marriage. Nice story

  5. Wow! What a sad end for Mary. Wisdom is profitable to direct. But sadly most young ladies lack such. Well, she will find a better person as this is not the end of her life. But u made some errors by using mike for Emmanuel, and Benjamin for Samuel at times. Great work

  6. Actually I really and deeply feel for Mary, because I believe she really loved Emmanuel but she made a mistake by forgetting that to love is nothing, to be loved is something and to love and be loved is everything. But she chose someone she loved instead of someone that really loved her and she herself loved. She should have known even in the manner that Emmanuel spoke to her, that Emmanuel doesn’t not really respect her feelings. I just hope ladies learn from this story and wise-up.

  7. Actually I really and deeply feel for Mary, because I believe she really loved Emmanuel but she made a mistake by forgetting that to love is nothing, to be loved is something and to love and be loved is everything. But she chose someone she loved instead of someone that really loved her and she herself loved. She should have known even in the manner that Emmanuel spoke to her, that Emmanuel doesn’t not really respect her feelings. I just hope ladies learn from this story and wise-up.

  8. Oh my God.wat a sad ending. It really pained me as if I was Mary.I wish I can get d book to bless every single lady around me.i really learnt a lot frm d story Nd will Neva make sure mistakes in my relationship in jesus name.thanks for dat wonderful story it really blessed me.kudos.

  9. Very nice and touching story.almost just like a life story of a close frn not the same though just that the end is not known yet…..
    i pray it ends well

  10. Oh my God oh my God ………… Like i tot dis
    wud end in “happily ever after” …..#realistic_story ,,,, got d first few pages on watsapp bt decided tu check in here ,,,,,am wowed ,,

  11. Wow I actually just started reading this book hours back Nd u finished it with without any disruption…. She lost Sam Nd her so called first love..

    This wat really happens to lady’s thanks for this story and lessons

  12. I’m really grateful for this great story, it came to me at a crucial time. I was given a bit of it in a Whatsapp group but had to search out the whole. It’s indeed a crash introduction for me. May your ink flow more gracefully. And May the ink cut deep into the hearts that read it. I was blessed, may it bless many more.

  13. Hmmm, I must say this story just came T the right time in my life. You just saved me from making a terrible decision.
    Thank you

  14. I started reading this story yesterday, someone from a wtsapp group shared few of it n I searched online to read the whole story, in order to know the mistakes ladies make from the story as the title implies.
    I must confess am dumbfounded!
    She lost Sam forever, 80% of ladies would definitely want to go back to their first love n someone they actually lost their dignity to. My God, I really learnt a lot from this story.
    I sure do pity Mary, she lost it all.
    May God help us ladies.
    When will the world of men change from being cruel to vulnerable ladies n be tender hearted. Good ones indeed are rear.
    Thanks for this Mr Jide.

    1. Awwh! All the glory and thanks to God Sis Lizzy.
      Am glad you didn’t just read this for the fun of it, but you were able to pick some key notes out of this.
      Remain blessed and ensure you check back for more always. 😀

  15. I started reading this story on NL yesterday and i came here this morning to finish it. Its an interesting story and i’ll encourage every single lady to read this story cos a lot of lessons are to be learnt.
    1. Love is different from lust.
    2. Marry your friend.
    3. Learn to distinguish between love and lust.
    4. Love is more than sexual feelings, it involves spirit, soul and body.
    5. Sex is for marriage; outside marriage, its a catastrophe.

    1. Thanks for taking your time to read to the very last part Mrs Tee!

      Am really glad you gained a lot from this and as you’ve rightly said,This story is a must read for every singles, most especially the ladies.

      Thanks once again for those point noted out, i do hope and pray people don’t just read, but to learn from this!

      Endeavour to check back for more stories Mrs Tee!!! 😀

  16. Very captivating story. Read ur story over and over is what I do most times on nairaland this days. So many lessons to learn. I tell babes its better for a guy to love a babe more than d babe loves d guy, cos a girl’s love will grow with time when she is always with d guy she didn’t love from d beginning, but a guy’s love only grows if it was there from d beginning , this just shows it. Mary should have accepted Samuel who truly loved her. Interesting story really! I love d story. Poor Mary lost out, she will learn her lesson I guess.

    There were instances where u used Mike for Emmanuel , and her for him , be careful in ur story so u don’t confuse ur readers. Overall u r a great writer!! Kudos bro

    1. Thanks for taking your time to read through and leaving behind your comment and observation.
      It never occurred to me that i made such a huge mistake, thanks for bringing that to my notice.I will make corrections where necessary.
      Thanks once again duchesslily, i sincerely appreciate.
      Endeavor to check back for more stories…. #Smiles

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